The Thompson Times - November 2015 Edition

March 8, 2016


It has been a very busy autumn on Capitol Hill, including the election of new House Speaker Paul Ryan, the passage of a new bipartisan two-year budget and a visit to Washington, D.C. by Pope Francis.  

I hope that you find these updates helpful and informative and, over the next several weeks, I look forward to hearing your thoughts and concerns on issues in your community and before Congress during my travels across the 5th District. 

As always, it remains the highest honor to serve as your representative in Washington.  Please keep in touch online, where I and my staff members are ready to assist you with a range of issues dealing with the federal government. 


Glenn 'GT' Thompson

In late October, I was proud to support the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which provides a blueprint for federal spending and ensures the government does not default on its debt.  This spending plan includes equal authorization increase for both military and domestic discretionary programs.  This legislation also passed the Senate and has been signed into law.

It is clear that our budgetary situation leading up to this agreement was placing a strain upon our military and their ability to adequately protect us at home and abroad.  The situation had also caused shortfalls in discretionary spending, which supports many domestic programs, including education and job training.  This budget is not perfect, but it does provide a path forward that respects taxpayer dollars.

The budget includes the repeal of a portion of Obamacare, cracking down on those cheating Social Security Disability Insurance and it ensures that Medicare beneficiaries are not hit with drastic rate hikes.



In early October, I toured the facilities of Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania.  The organization is celebrating 50 years of serving people across 12 counties.  Goodwill officials are currently working to open three additional stores and a new training center. 



Protecting Private Mineral Rights in the Allegheny National Forest

On Nov. 3, I introduced the "Cooperative Management of Mineral Rights Act of 2015," H.R. 3881, which will prohibit the U.S. Forest Service from creating rules to limit access to privately held mineral rights within the Allegheny National Forest.

Our region was built on the use of oil, natural gas and other resources.  Despite a balanced and stringent environmental review process, environmental groups tried, unsuccessfully, to shut down energy production in the ANF through frivolous lawsuits.  

This legislation will ensure responsible production can occur without further roadblocks.  It provides clarity to the regulatory process and will continue to value the long-standing recognition of private property rights.  

I will keep you up-to-date on the bill's progress.  Click the video below to learn more.

With the Commonwealth's now in its fifth month without a budget, I have joined with many other members of Congress from Pennsylvania in requesting that Gov. Tom Wolf release federal funds for education that have been approved by Congress.