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Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s number one industry and plays a key role in economic development of rural communities throughout the Commonwealth.
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Allegheny National Forest

The ANF is special for many reasons. The forest is multi-use, meaning that it successfully combines forestry, recreation, tourism, timber harvesting, and energy production.
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Career and Technical Education Caucus

The Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus is a bipartisan group of Representatives committed to supporting and promoting CTE.
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Education serves an important role in both our lives and in our society. Working to ensure access to high quality and affordable education for more students, especially those in our rural communities, has been a fundamental priority of mine in Congress.
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Affordable energy is vital to our economy and national security. High energy costs slow job growth, increase the costs to industries and of products, and squeezes household budgets.
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Prior to being elected to Congress, I spent 28 years as a therapist, rehabilitation services manager and a licensed nursing home administrator. As a result, I’ve learned firsthand the importance of access to quality healthcare in rural communities and have become a strong advocate for increased access, affordability, quality of care, and patient choice
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Marcellus Shale

Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to play a major role in energy production in the coming decades because of the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play. Many believe that the Marcellus contains upwards of 500 trillion cubic feet of clean burning natural gas; and may be the largest unconventional natural gas play in the world.
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Military Service & Veterans Affairs

America's current overseas combat operations are extremely important to our national security. It remains critical to our safety that Congress continue to adequately provide resources for our troops.