Video: All Children Are Equal - The Need for a More Equitable Allocation of Title I Funding

July 11, 2014


"Mr.Speaker, this week I had the opportunity to join rural school advocates from across the country here in Washington for the release of the ‘Why Rural Matters’ 2013-14 report, a biennial report from the Rural School and Community Trust, which analyzes the state of early education for communities in each of the 50 states.

This important research document gives policymakers and the public fresh insight into the social and economic contexts that influence educational outcomes and also reinforces how these conditions must be better understood - including in the context of how the federal government allocates Title I funding.

Title I was initially created to offset the impacts of poverty on student learning. Unfortunately the report shows once again that children receive preferential treatment based not on their economic circumstances but on the basis of their zip code.

Surely my colleagues on both sides of the aisle believe that all children are equal. Unfortunately, most are surprised to learn – as we were reminded again this week – this is not the case. I believe this body can do better for our children deserve as much. I yield back."