Caucus Co-Chairs, Reps. Thompson, Langevin Renew Bipartisan Push to Expand Awareness on the Importance of Career & Technical Education

February 26, 2013


Mr. Speaker, I rise today as co-chair of the bipartisan House Career and Technical Education Caucus, in order to recognize February as National Career and Technical Education Month.

Career and Technical Education programs continue to evolve in order to ensure that workers are prepared to hold jobs in high wage, high skill and high demand career fields like engineering, information technology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing for the 21st Century.

During this time of record high unemployment, Career and Technical Education Programs provide a life line for the under employed who look to begin new careers alongside young adults just starting out in the rapidly evolving job market.

Career and Technical Education, while historically undervalued, helps tackle critical work force shortages and provides an opportunity for America to remain globally competitive, while also engaging students in practical, real world applications of academics, coupled with hands on work experiences.

As we move toward Fiscal Year 2014, I join with a bipartisan group of my colleagues, in not only recognizing the importance of maintaining these federal investments for our country's future, but also saying thank you to the countless men and women who make these programs possible.

Mr. Speaker; as we celebrate Career and Technical Education month, I encourage my colleagues from both sides of the aisle to join me, and my good friend Rep. Langevin of Rhode Island, as we continue the work of the bipartisan CTE Caucus. 

I yield back.