Video: U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson, Pa., recognizes 105th birthday of United States Army Reserve

April 25, 2013


Twitter: Happy 105th Birthday @usarmyreserve! Praise and thanks for the service of these brave Americans: — Glenn 'GT' Thompson (@CongressmanGT) April 25, 2013


"Mr. Speaker: Today I rise to honor the United States Army Reserve, which celebrates 105 years of service defending our country this week.

These citizen-soldiers are actively engaged citizens in our communities, and volunteers in the Army who are ready to step in and fulfill any mission. They are friends, family, and neighbors ... coaches and teachers ... police and firefighters. Reservists are in nearly every profession across every community in the nation.

Our nation has now been at war for a decade, yet a smaller percentage of our citizens have been in the Armed Forces. The Army Reserve offers a reminder that our nation rests on the strengths of brave soldiers who volunteer to step forward and make tremendous sacrifices.

Today, I wish a special 105th birthday to all the men and women serving in the United States Army Reserve, and welcome some of them to Capitol Hill to participate in Army Day, to remind us all of the sacrifices they make every day to defend this country.
Thank you, and I yield back my time."