Thompson: President in denial of the fact that the U.S. must actually produce energy to continue consuming it

September 27, 2013


"Mr. Speaker: While our nation benefits from great wealth, often we become disconnected from just what it takes to power a great nation.

Standards of living that are accustom to many in the developed world include flipping a switch and having lights turn on, or, with the turn of a dial having a machine do the household laundry. These things aren't easily accessed by most of the planet.
We've become accustomed to these day to day activities, but to have lights and power, America needs both affordable and reliable electricity.

The fact is, much of this electricity is generated from coal.
Despite some of the most abundant domestic energy resources, we are in denial.

Mr. Speaker, we are in denial of the fact that we must produce energy to actually consume it. This disconnect from reality, leaves the world's largest consumer of energy with no plan to power the largest economy in the world.

The EPA’s New Source Performance Standard for coal-powered plants is a misguided pursuit that will drive up the cost of energy. It’s a direct threat to the American consumer, affordable electricity, and the economic security of Pennsylvanians and the nation."