From the Floor: What’s really been going on behind the scenes of the Affordable Care Act

November 19, 2013


"Mr. Speaker:  I rise today to address what’s really been going on behind the scenes of the Affordable Care Act. You see, if millions of people didn’t lose their coverage, the architects of the law knew the exchanges would be full of the sick and elderly, without healthier populations subsidizing those plans.

No matter which way you spin it, the President’s broken promises – this one in particular – should concern us all.  We were promised we could keep our policies, coverage and doctors, yet these choices are now being denied for millions of Americans.

Many of us are not surprised. For the fact of the matter, is that the Affordable Care Act is not about consumer choice. It is about government control – control over our lives, control over our decision making – this is social engineering at its worst.

The lackluster performance of a website will disappear over time. Unfortunately, the insurance cancellations and cost increases are going to continue regardless of an executive order or another “promise” from the White House.   

The American people deserve better, Mr. Speaker, and they surely can’t afford more broken promises.

I yield back."