Thompson discusses announcement from GE Transportation

April 11, 2013

Earlier this week, I discussed Monday's announcement from GE Transportation. Click below to view these remarks.


“Mr. Speaker, GE Transportation, a division of General Electric, is a locomotive manufacturing facility in Lawrence Park, Erie County, which is located in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District.  The plant is one of if not the largest sources of jobs in the county with over 5, 500 employees.   

Earlier today, GE announced its intent to restructure operations, which could result in over 950 employees being impacted – a tremendous loss for Erie County, especially for the individuals and families directly impacted. 

Company officials cited, and I quote: “lower order and production volume within locomotive and mining businesses due to decreased coal demand,” end of quote, as the justification for the decision.

GE supplies locomotives to freight-rail industry, which has relied more on coal than any other commodity.

The announcement is another reminder of how the Administration’s regulatory agenda is impacting more and more businesses connected to the coal supply chain.

Equally so, it raises questions as to what the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be doing to become more competitive and improve business retention. 

While this is a major upset and I am extremely disappointed, in moving forward we must pull together as a community and support those affected by this decision.”