Supporting Our Community in Its Time of Need

December 1, 2011

Since the shocking revelations at Penn State University became public, mortifying our community, the Commonwealth and Nation, my family and I continue to keep our thoughts and prayers with the Penn State community, especially those directly impacted by these tragic developments.

Moving forward, I have confidence the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office will shed additional light on the matter and ensure that justice is served.  In the meantime, as a community, we must continue the healing process.

I am quite proud of the effort on local and national levels to support our community in this time of need. One inspiring example is the outstanding work by a small group of Penn State alumni, who have joined with, one of the largest anti-sexual violence organizations in the country. has already raised over a half million dollars in support of victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

Click here to view their campaign effort:

"In the wake of the recent events at Penn State University, a grassroots network of PSU alumni are standing up for victims of sexual abuse by supporting RAINN's effort to prevent and treat victims of sexual abuse. We have joined together to mobilize the Penn State fan base – alumni, students, parents and fans – to ensure something like this never happens again – anywhere. 

"After having so closely identified with all things Penn State over the past 15 years, the recent events have shaken our beliefs – and those of other alumni – to the core. Simply put, Penn State is way bigger than the alleged actions of a few people. To honor the victims, our goal is to raise over $500,000 – one dollar for each of Penn State's 557,000 alumni. Please join us in showing the world what being a proud supporter of Penn State really means by making a donation in support of preventing and treating victims of sexual abuse and by adding your name to mine below." — Jerry & Jaime Needel, Bob Troia and Larena Lettow – Penn State '98"

From RAINN's December Newsletter: 

"In Wake of Tragedy, Penn Staters Unite to Help Victims: In the wake of tragedy, #ProudPSUforRAINN began as the desire of a small group of Penn State alumni to show the world what their alma mater is really all about. It quickly exploded into a national outpouring of support, as thousands of people across the country joined together to help victims of sexual violence. The Twitter campaign turned national news story has raised $490,000, and will soon reach its goal of raising one dollar for each of Penn State's 557,000 alumni. The funds will be used to help victims through the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline and to operate RAINN's programs to prevent sexual assault...

"Lawmakers Making a Difference: The tragic developments at Penn State University have weighed heavy  on our hearts, and as our community moves forward and these individuals and their families continue to cope with adversity and pain, we look to continue to raise awareness of abuse and provide victims nation-wide with solace in the fact that they are not alone. RAINN continues to play a vital role for our community in its time of need, lending a helping hand through their services to those that have fallen prey to heinous acts. It is important to know they have a place to go for information and support, and I want thank RAINN for their work to reduce and prevent future sexual assaults in this community and others across the nation.” — Rep. Glenn 'GT' Thompson..."