Response: EPA's Approach To Helping Underserved Communities

April 21, 2011

Sent yesterday from the EPA’s State and Congressional Liaison:

EPA Launches Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships Initiative:  “Administrator Lisa P. Jackson today announced the formation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (FBNP) initiative. This announcement reflects EPA’s commitment to the goals of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, a priority of President Obama’s…These relationships will also help EPA assist communities during times of environmental crisis… EPA has pledged to work to expand the environmental conversation and continue the fight for environmental justice to relieve the burdens of pollution in poor and minority communities…”

The sad part about this announcement is that this Administration through EPA and the Interior and Energy Departments has done all it can to prevent us from producing our own natural resources – the ‘real’ burden facing poor and underserved families.  As a result, we have no new coal or nuclear power plants, no new refineries or pipelines, no increased oil or natural gas production in federal lands, on or offshore.  And we wonder why our dependence on foreign oil has increased to over 60% and the price of gasoline is hitting $4. The President and EPA Administrator Jackson should be trying to actually relieve poverty and the economic burden of today’s energy prices on all communities through policies which reduce their energy bills, not add to them. Unfortunately, this alleged  ‘fight for environmental justice” has only succeeded at increasing our nation’s energy prices, producing higher unemployment, and a growing financial burden on the same individuals they’re claiming to help.