Recognizing students for receiving NASA's Aeronautics Scholarship Award

May 25, 2011

Yesterday evening, I recognized two students of Penn State University who were recently selected to receive NASA’s Aeronautics Scholarship Award. To watch these remark, click below. 

Remarks as delivered. 

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.  

I rise today to recognize two individuals from my district who were recently selected to receive NASA’s Aeronautics Scholarship Award – Khalil Ramadi and Robert Schroeder, both of which are students of Penn State University. 

The Aeronautics Scholarships Program, which is in its fourth year, aids students enrolled in fields related to aeronautics and aviation studies. 

These gentlemen are two of 25 undergraduate and graduate students selected from hundreds of applicants from across the country to receive aeronautics scholarships. 

Robert and Khalil will have the opportunity to intern with NASA researchers and directly work on projects such as managing air traffic more efficiently and improving safety. They will be part of a nationwide team of researchers who are pursuing an ambitious set of aeronautics technology development goals.  

Their hard work has gotten them to this point and through this award they will now play an even bigger part in contributing to our nation’s pursuit of solutions for some of the most pressing challenges facing the air transportation system today.  

I want to thank Khalil and Robert for their hard work and dedication.  Congratulations for this honored distinction. 

I yield back.