Recognizing Mount Nittany Middle School Student for Courage and Leadership

February 11, 2014


"Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize Gareth Prebble, a 6th grade student from Mount Nittany Middle School, in State College, Pennsylvania.

Gareth has hopes of connecting what he refers to – and rightfully so – as the divide between the physically disabled and the rest of the population.

Young Gareth took a giant step towards this goal last month, when he entered the Martin Luther King Commemoration Student Showcase Essay Contest.

The contest, sponsored by the Pennsylvania State University, is titled “Reflect On Yesterday. Experience Today. Transform Tomorrow.”

Gareth, who has Cerebral Palsy, wrote about his life experiences, and I quote “people often look at me and make assumptions based on my appearance.”

Gareth’s essay evokes Dr. King’s powerful message, for all people in this country to be treated with respect and dignity.

Mr. Speaker, Gareth went on to win this competition. I rise to congratulate him for his work and for having the strength and courage to share his story. In doing so he is a role model for each and every one of us and how we too, can transform the future.

I yield back."