Thompson Signs on to Secret Ballot Protection Act, Legislation to Protect Workers Rights; Preserve the Democratic Process

February 25, 2009
Press Release

Washington, DC – Workers rights and the preservation of the democratic process in the unionization process are fundamental rights that each American worker should enjoy without intimidation. The Secret Ballot Protection Act will preserve this longstanding principle.

“As a former union member, and a staunch supporter of our democratic process, under no circumstance, could I support efforts to strip the American worker of their fundamental right to cast a ballot in secret,” said Thompson, a Member of the House Education and Labor Committee. “While organized labor played a significant role in getting this President elected and giving the Democrats control of Congress, it is a slap in the face to hard working Americans to advance an undemocratic agenda for political gain.”

Thompson’s support of the Secret Ballot Protection Act is an effort to rebuke the Democratic leadership’s desire to bring up the misleading Employee Free Choice Act also known as Card Check. This legislation would strip workers of their right to cast an organizing ballot in private – without being intimidated by either union organizers or management.

“I am a firm believer in the right to organize and believe unions should respect the fundamental right of workers to cast a ballot in private.  The misleading title of this bill and the baseless rhetoric will not only hamper the growth of business throughout the Fifth District, but will undoubtedly lead to increased intimidation and harassment, not for the common good, but rather in an effort to simply expand union rolls.”