Thompson Secures $1.73 Million in Federal Funding for PSU Ag Sciences

March 12, 2009
Press Release

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, announced today that he has secured $1.73 million in federal funding through the Fiscal Year 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act for The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences. The funding was requested by Thompson’s predecessor, John Peterson, who was a Member of the House Appropriations Committee.

“Agriculture is the backbone of Pennsylvania’s economy and the scientists and professionals at Penn State provide much needed research and analysis that enables our farmers to remain competitive,” said Thompson, a Member of the House Agriculture Committee.  “The research in the fields and labs, which is then applied through the Cooperative Extension to assist our family famers with best practices and business insight, is a valuable service that is well worth the federal investment.”

The funding will support five programs; Agricultural Entrepreneurial Alternatives for Small Farmers ($233,000) which will allow Penn State Extension to educate small farmers on research-based alternatives to maintain economically viable enterprises; Enhanced Dairy Farm Profitability ($349,000) and Improved Dairy Management ($243,000), to further research science based solutions that take both environmental and production factors in to account to improve margins, profitability, and farm management practices; Milk Safety Research ($771,000), as the largest economic component of Pennsylvania’s agriculture portfolio, these funds will further research the safety of dairy products; and Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources ( $133,000) which will continue a partnership between Penn State and the Rodale institute to assist farmers with more sustainable farming practices.

“We are grateful for Congressman Thompson’s support of federal investments in agricultural research and Penn State Cooperative Extension – investments that pay huge dividends back to Pennsylvania,” said Bob Steele, Dean of Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.  “Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a world-class research institution in Penn State that is not only an economic engine for the Commonwealth, but generates and distributes science-based solutions for businesses and agencies that help them remain competitive and create jobs.  These federal investments also leverage millions of dollars from other funding sources that aid in this effort and directly fuel Pennsylvania’s economy.” 

Thompson continued, “While these funds may be directed to Penn State, the entire Fifth District will benefit from the research that is performed and the extension services that Penn State provide. I look forward to working with Dean Steele and his highly respected and talented team of scientists and extension professionals to further assist in their mission to provide services to our family farms in the coming months and years.”