Thompson, House Republicans Meet with President Obama

January 27, 2009
Press Release

Washington, DC – Holding true to a campaign pledge to end the partisan politics that has consumed Washington for decades, President Obama met with House Republicans today to discuss the state of the economy and to solicit their ideas for an economic recovery and rescue package. Thompson issued the following statement after meeting with the President:

“The President is a man of his word, and after meeting with him today I am confident that he is sincere in his request to make this a bi-partisan rescue package. It is my hope that he can now convince his fellow Democrats – Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid – to turn the corner on the politics of yesterday and to act in the best interest of the nation.

“As I have stated throughout this process, I do not believe throwing money at the problem will solve this economic crisis. Small business and middle class tax reform, along with a cut in the capital gains and dividend taxes, I believe will provide the best possible stimulus and allow the economy to begin the recovery process.

“Our nation’s history proves that America is resilient, as we have weathered economic uncertainty and challenge in the past.  I have no doubt that collectively, working with President Obama, we can meet this challenge with smart government solutions, as history proves we cannot spend our way out of this crisis.”