Thompson Bill Included in House-passed Small Business Measure

May 20, 2009
Press Release

Washington, DC—A measure to encourage job creation in this nation passed the House of Representatives today.

Included in that bill, (H.R. 2352), The Job Creation through Entrepreneurship Act of 2009, was a bill by U.S. Representative Glenn `GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, which will assist small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to get training and education through the use of technology.

Thompson’s bill, which passed today as part of the larger measure, was H.R. 1807, The Educating Entrepreneurs through Today’s Technology Act of 2009.  It will allow third-party vendors, to distribute and conduct distance learning that uses the resources of the Small Business Administration and the 63 Small Business Development Centers throughout the country.

“If someone in a rural community can utilize a local center to learn about the tax, financial, insurance and legal issues involved in running their own business, then this bill will have done its work,” said Thompson.
He explained that, when the Governor stopped funding in the state budget for the Community Education Councils, it left a void.  Back in April, Donna Kilhoffer, Program Manager for the Community Education Council of Elk and Cameron Counties told the Small Business Committee, “We have small businesses and entrepreneurs who would benefit greatly, if able to access the resources of the Small Business Administration.”

Thompson’s measure will allow third parties to provide high-quality tele-distance training through a competitive grants process that would be administered by the Small Business Administration.

“As a Freshman Congressman, it is gratifying to have my bill included in a larger bill and to see it passed on the floor of the House, and I am hopeful the Senate will act to get this bill to the President’s desk,” said Thompson.