Thompson Announces Federal Grant for Warren County Development Association

July 27, 2021
Press Release
Appalachian Regional Commission grant will complete phase V of the Jakes Rocks Trail Project in Warren, PA

Washington, DC — Today, Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson announced a $100,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission to the Warren County Development Association to complete two additional miles of the Grouse Trail as part of the Jakes Rocks Project, a 45-mile mountain bike trail system in the Allegheny National Forest.

This funding will be used to add additional access to the trail system from the Dewdrop campground and new loop options for hikers and bikers. In addition to the grant funding, state and local sources will provide an additional $100,000, bringing the project total to $200,000.  

"As an avid outdoorsman, I am proud to continue to support the balance of conservation and recreation within the Allegheny National Forest," said Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson. "Jakes Rocks is  much more than a local destination, and working with Warren County and the Appalachian Regional Commission, this grant will continue to help cultivate recreational tourism and its local economic benefits throughout the Pennsylvania Wilds region.”

"The continued support of Congressman Thompson in securing this funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission will allow for the construction of an additional 2-mile trail segment within the Trails at Jakes Rocks system.  This new trail segment will be an extension of the existing Laurel trail segment and will run between Longhouse Scenic Drive and the Allegheny Reservoir.  This extension provides an additional access trail to the Dewdrop campground and develops several interesting and challenging loop-ride opportunities for trail users.  This additional trail segment will be completed in summer 2022 and will bring the total trail mileage within the Trails at Jakes Rocks system to over 30.  The TAJR project continues to exceed initial projections of usership and positive impact to the region and is an excellent example of what can be accomplished through cooperation and collaboration between private, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and federal entities such as the Appalachian Regional Commission." said James Decker, President and CEO of  Warren County Chamber of Business & Industry.

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