Reps. Thompson, Conaway Push SNAP Processing Flexibility For States During Pandemic

July 23, 2020
Press Release
State Partnerships With Companies & Non-Profits Would Cut Red Tape For Families In Need

WASHINGTON, DC — Yesterday, U.S. Representatives Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (R-PA) and Mike Conaway (R-TX), joined by their colleagues on the House Committee on Agriculture, advocated to House Leadership for increased Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) flexibility for states during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Members affirm that allowing states to temporarily contract with companies and non-profits in order to assist with SNAP eligibility determinations—an authority already in place for unemployment insurance as a result of the CARES Act—will provide flexibility and ensure eligible families will receive SNAP benefits quickly and accurately.  

"Families who are relying upon SNAP benefits deserve to have assurances they will be received without delay or interruption," said Rep. Thomspon. "By allowing states to contract employees to process SNAP applications, we can ensure families who are in need obtain access to nutritional support for their families. Doing this in a timely manner, especially during the pandemic, is key."

“Allowing states to contract with companies and non-profits to determine SNAP eligibility is a commonsense solution that will alleviate burdens placed on state agencies and provide more effective and timely assistance to households in need," said Rep. Conaway, Ranking Member of the House Agriculture Committee.