Representatives Thompson, Fudge Introduce End All Hazing Bill

June 13, 2019
Press Release
Legislation amends the Higher Education Act

WASHINGTON – Today,  Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15) and Rep. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11) and introduced the End All Hazing Act to eradicate hazing on college campuses. The bill amends the Higher Education Act to prevent incidents of hazing by ensuring increased campus-wide transparency and accountability for all student organizations. 

“No individual should be exposed to hazing, which is dangerous and threatens individual and public safety,” Rep. Thompson said. “We all play a role in holding clubs, organizations, sports teams, individuals, and campuses to a higher standard when it comes to the wellbeing of students. We must collectively do a better job to educate students about the dangers of hazing, so that risky and potentially life-threatening behaviors are curbed.  This bill will make important strides to ensure that students are protected and no parent in the future will have to endure the hardships we have witnessed in recent years.”

Specifically, the bill requires schools to maintain a web page, updated twice a year, that shares information about student organizations disciplined for hazing or other misconduct that threatened the well-being of students in the last five years.  Included would be details of corrective measures imposed on the organization by the school. The bill also requires institutions to report within 72 hours any allegation of hazing that involved serious bodily injury or significant risk of serious bodily injury of a student to campus police and the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

“Hazing has threatened the health and safety of students and undermined the educational mission of higher education institutions,” Rep. Fudge said. “The End All Hazing Act puts the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of students on the institutions, as well as the student organizations operating on their campuses.  This bill is a proactive step towards addressing hazing at its core and protecting our nation’s college students from unnecessary harm.”

Several fraternal organizations and parents who have lost children to incidents of hazing support this legislation and are working with fraternities and sororities to engage in aggressive student education, outreach and advocacy efforts to end tragic hazing incidents. 

“The passing of the END ALL Hazing Act is critically important because we continue to see students being injured or dying at alarming rates as a result of irresponsible hazing behavior at universities,” said Evelyn and Jim Piazza, parents of Timothy Piazza. “The transparency and awareness that this law will bring will enable students and parents to assess the quality and reputation of the organizations with which students are considering joining.”

"Many students arrive at college already having been hazed,” said Richard Braham, father of Marquise Braham. “This is how systemic, rampant and harmful hazing is. The END ALL Hazing Act will help alleviate this by raising awareness for parents, students and educators about hazing and other violations of codes of conduct happening in campus organizations, allowing them to make informed choices about which groups they would want to associate with – those groups that create a safe, positive and welcoming environment."

“All of us in the fraternity and sorority community must take action to change dangerous campus cultures, including eradicating hazing,” said Carole Jones, chairman of the National Panhellenic Conference. “NPC is committed to partnering with government officials as well as the parents in the Anti-Hazing Coalition, other fraternal umbrella organizations and other partners who share our common interests to help develop sustainable solutions, including legislative solutions, to create safer campus cultures everywhere, and we are pleased to support the END ALL Hazing Act as part of those efforts.  We appreciate Congresswoman Fudge's leadership on this issue.”