U.S. Congressional Record Recognizes Clarion's Community Development and Revitalization Efforts

September 17, 2019
In The News

“I rise today to recognize the community development and revitalization efforts of Clarion, Pennsylvania,” Thompson said in the September 10, 2019 issue.

“Recently (July 22), I was back in my district, touring Clarion’s growing downtown region, meeting with small business owners and community leaders, and the progress and growth that I saw were truly exciting.”

The celebration during Thompson’s visit was focused on financing for a business and the framework that allows more needed housing for the homeless.

“In 2015, Clarion was selected as a Blueprint Community, an initiative through the FHL Bank Pittsburgh that seeks to revitalize older communities and neighborhoods. One of the shining stars of the Blueprint program is the Clarion River Brewing Company, and I am proud of their continued success as one of the many exciting small businesses in town,” continued Congressman Thompson.

“But, Clarion’s blueprint included more than new businesses. It also outlines a plan to increase affordable housing options for current and future residents. These Blueprints don’t offer one-size-fits-all plans for community development. Instead, they work with local leaders to better understand the needs of their residents to create custom, homegrown solutions that breathe new life into older communities.

“I am excited to see what Clarion has in store, and I am rooting for its continued success.”

During the July 22 visit and celebration, Thompson thanked the many people and entities involved:

“A celebration involves thanking people and there are so many people to thank today. The Federal Home Land Bank was stepped up in 1932 for that economically decimated times.  It was about lifting communities, and it has been true to that purpose and that mission for everyday sense. Here we are in 2019, and it’s still doing that – lifting communities up.

“Government comes in with a solution, but it’s a cookie-cutter solution and says, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help’ and imposes on our communities kind of a one size fits all solution which doesn’t fit very well. Usually, the unintended consequences are worse than the intended consequences. That’s not the way that this cooperative bank was established.  It was built to leverage the resources of the community.

“By providing affordable housing, and as part of that, you’re lifting families up out of poverty and putting them on a path of opportunity. Thank you for all of the community leaders engaged in these projects.

“It’s best to look for homegrown solutions.”