Thompson votes no on impeachment

December 20, 2019
In The News

The U.S. House of Representatives was in session for nearly 12 hours on Wednesday.


The Congressman who represents Warren County, Republican Glenn Thompson, was afforded the opportunity to speak for 30 seconds amid the hours of debate that resulted in the House of Representatives approving two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, just the third time in the nation’s history that the House has taken such action.

Thompson spoke briefly just over nine hours after the House gaveled in for the day.

“Thank you ranking member. Thank you madam speaker,” he began, according to video of the day’s events from C-SPAN. “And while this institution should rightfully ensure that the law is faithfully executed by the administrative branch, this exercise has shown itself to be the ultimate manipulation of (the) legislative branch’s oversight powers in order to achieve political gain.”

“I caution my colleagues who have placed political expediency ahead of moderation. Your votes later today will forever change this institution. Imagine a future where this body utilizes the most severe of its constitutional tools to continually put the oppositional party on trial. And with that, I yield back.”

He then released a statement on Twitter following the approval of the two articles for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“This vote was a political stunt aimed at reversing the votes of 63 million Americans who put the president in office. I voted with a resounding “no.” I applaud the three Democrats who joined a united Republican conference in opposition. I continue to warn others that scoring cheap political points is not worth leaving a lasting stain on this institution. They need to understand the American public is tired of the games and want real results out of Washington.

He also took a shot at Speaker Nancy Pelosi, tweeting a picture of Pelosi with the caption “The moment Speaker Pelosi reprimands her Democrats for high-fiving and celebrating winning of the partisan impeachment sham vote. #PoliticsAsUsual.”