Google delivers computer science presentation at DuBois Area Middle School

June 4, 2018
In The News

DUBOIS - Google paid a visit to Clearfield County Monday to deliver a program called the Computer Science (CS) First Roadshow.

Their final stop for the 2017-18 school year was at the DuBois Area Middle School.

Two Google employees delivered an hour-long presentation to more than 100 third graders. The presentation focused on teaching students both problem solving and technical coding skills through a series of interactive activities.

"We don't want students to just be consumers of technology, we want them to be creators of technology," Sanchez said. "We want them to take the skills they learn here today and create cool programs or create new initiatives."

Students created their own narrative stories using a program called Scratch. Sanchez said it's an easy-to-use software that teaches the basics of coding.

"My friend and I created a story about two characters on a boat and they had to get to the best internet connection in order to play their video game," said student Noah Keighley.

Sanchez said Google chose DuBois through the help of Rep. Glenn Thompson.

Thompson said the U.S. has a significant need for people with coding skills.

"There's 6.5 million jobs open and available in this country and most of those jobs involve basic coding, technology or some computer science," Thompson said. "Whether it's in manufacturing or medicine, that number is increasing each day and it's going to grow exponentially into the future."

For more information on Googles’ CS First Roadshow program, click here.