Lauding the Timeless Work of Our Founding Fathers and our Constitution

September 22, 2011

The Constitution is more than just a document, it’s an enduring structure of our nation’s government, an inimitable system of checks and balances, separation of powers, and protection of freedoms that have defined and guided our nation since its founding.  Earlier this week, I delivered a speech to recognize and honor the enduring principles laid down by our Founding Fathers 224 years ago through the signing of our Constitution on September 17, 1787.  Below you will find a video clip of these remarks and the full text.

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Remarks as prepared: 

September 21, 2011

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend each American that celebrated Constitution Day, which was last Saturday, September 17th.  

Over the past few decades, many Americans have expressed disgust with the “out of control” reach of government and erosion of the very freedoms we claim to protect.  

The powers of Congress are clearly laid out in Article 1, which is the most expansive Article of the Constitution for a reason.  Our Founding Fathers fully intended for power to rest with the people, in a legislative body.

I am proud to say that during this Congress, the House has taken significant steps to restate its Constitutional Authority and has given an earnest attempt at returning to a constitutional government.

One example is the TRAIN Act on the Floor this week – legislation intended to reign in the Executive Branch’s gross overreach.

From the debt limit debate to each spending bill considered on the floor, this process has been about more than just our need for fiscal reform.  

It’s been about the timeless principals of freedom, justice and opportunity that have provided America with 224 years of prosperity, and the future promise of our nation if we continue to hold these principles dear.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I yield back.