From the House Floor: Companies like Zippo Manufacturing, McKean County, give "American Made" a great name

September 19, 2013


"Mr. Speaker, the importance of manufacturing to our nation cannot be overstated. Creating products domestically supports local economies and creates family sustaining jobs.

But so many domestic companies also serve as a source of pride for towns, cities, and regions of the country.

The Zippo Manufacturing Company and their iconic lighter are headquartered and manufactured in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District, which I have the honor of representing. It is McKean County’s largest employer, with 900 hard working men and women in a city of 8000.

Zippo has been making lighters since 1895, and today, 160 countries around the world buy Zippo products.

Zippo is part of Bradford's community identity. Part of this identity comes from the fact that American companies were once renowned for building things to last.  Zippo backs its lighters with a “forever guarantee."

Parade Magazine, a national publication, made note of this fact in a recent article titled “Putting America Back to Work: 5 Ways 'Made in the USA' Is Staging a Comeback.”

Its companies like Zippo that give "American Made" a great name; that keep the world buying US-made products; and ultimately keep jobs in America and expands the American workforce.

The key to our economic recovery is tapping into these gems, utilizing domestic energy, technology and a home grown workforce to revitalize American manufacturing."