From the Floor: The War on Coal continues under the Obama Administration

January 14, 2014


Mr. Speaker, the Obama Administration has repeatedly asserted their regulations on coal-fired power plants will not be a death blow to the industry.

Unfortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency’s most recently published rule for new coal-fired power plants tells us this claim could not be further from the truth.

The Administration asserts this regulation on new coal-fired plants will make use of "adequately demonstrated" technologies.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Editorial Board and I quote: "Federal law has long barred the EPA from mandating industry use of technology that has not been 'adequately demonstrated' as ready for commercial use. It is simply ludicrous for the EPA to claim in its proposed new rule that CCS technology has reached such a point," end of quote.

Mr. Speaker, this Administration is dead-set on eliminating coal from our fuel mix without a plan to make up for the energy it provides or the jobs it supports.  It’s an anti-energy agenda that is costing jobs, harming economic growth and placing a greater burden on family budgets.

The American people deserve better.  I yield back.