Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Disseminates Ebola Informational Resources

October 3, 2014

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) disseminated a number of Ebola resources for use by health care professionals, state and local health departments, and the general public. Information is available on the CDC website and is updated daily.  

The CDC Ebola virus website homepage includes an overview of clinical guidance issued by CDC, with links to specific guidance.  Other sections of the homepage highlight the latest updates and provide links to information for special populations, such as those traveling, working or living abroad, airline workers, and healthcare personnel. 

For those needing more details about symptoms, transmission, prevention, and risks, links from the homepage lead to scientific information on these topics. An extensive library of downloadable electronic resources is also available from the homepage and includes:

  • Videos with information about the epidemic in West Africa, how contact tracing works, and stories from CDC staff who have returned from West Africa (click here).
  • Infographics mapping the epidemic, illustrating Ebola symptoms, and providing overall information on preventing and stopping Ebola (click here).
  • Fact sheets provide guidance for health care professionals and overview of the Ebola virus suitable for a general audience (click here).

Click here for the very latest updates from CDC.