Brookville's Open Carry Walk, Reaffirming Significance of 2nd Amendment

March 18, 2013


Mr. Speaker: This weekend I had the honor of joining hundreds of fellow Americans at an open carry walk in Brookville, Pennsylvania, which is located in the 5th District.

As a responsible gun owner, I was proud to join this peaceful gathering among citizens to reaffirm the fundamental significance of an individual’s constitutionally protected right to bear arms.

The right to own firearms has nothing to do with hunting. The second amendment was adopted as part of our Constitution to assure the safety and security of our Nation, our States, as well as, our families, homes and personal selves.

Many of my constituents are alarmed at the gun control proposals being considered in the US Senate for fear they violate this sacred constitutional right. I share in this concern.

When it comes to violence prevention, I believe there are areas of policy that can be improved upon, especially in the area of mental health.

The people of Brookville and so many others across this nation want this body to come together on solutions to thwart future acts of mass violence, but they will not tolerate – and I will fight against – any violation of constitutionally protected rights.

I yield back.