Thompson Votes to Override Obama Veto, Allow U.S. Citizens to Bring Lawsuits Against Foreign Sponsors of Terrorism

Sep 28, 2016

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-5) today voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (S.2040).  The House vote of 348 to 77 follows Senate passage of 97 to 1.

Thompson issued the following statement regarding the veto override:

“The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism will give families of those who died during the September 11, 2001 attacks a legal standing to file suit against alleged state sponsors of terrorism.  This long overdue measure also sends a message to all sponsors of terrorism that whenever Americans are harmed that there will be consequences. Despite the President’s veto, it has been reassuring to see so many lawmakers come together across party lines, in order to give these families their day in court.”