Thompson & Toomey Post Office Designation for Medal of Honor Recipient Signed into Law

Jun 15, 2016

Washington, DC – U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-5) and Sen. Pat Toomey (PA) today announced that President Barack Obama has signed into law H.R. 433.  The measure designates the Post Office in Knox, Clarion County, as the Specialist Ross A. McGinnis Memorial Post Office.  McGinnis lost his life in the line of duty on Dec. 4, 2006, while serving with the Army in Iraq.  He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush in 2008.

“As a Boy Scout, Specialist Ross McGinnis understood the importance of ‘duty to country’ and helping other people at all times,” Thompson said.  “His heroic last action in life was a truly unselfish deed that saved the life of his fellow soldiers and friends, while costing his own. With this designation, the Post Office in Specialist McGinnis’ hometown of Knox will stand as a testament to his bravery for generations to come,” added Thompson.

Ross Andrew McGinnis was the son of Mr. Tom and Mrs. Romayne McGinnis of Knox.  He attended Clarion County public schools and was a Boy Scout.  On Dec. 4, 2006, McGinnis’ platoon was on mounted patrol in Adhamiyah, Iraq.  During the course of the patrol, an insurgent on a nearby rooftop threw a grenade into a Humvee carrying McGinnis and other troops.  Without hesitation or regard for his own life, McGinnis threw his body on top of the grenade, saving the lives of his fellow soldiers.

"Pennsylvania has produced some of the greatest examples of courage, fortitude, and bravery in the history of mankind," said Sen. Toomey. "Even among those examples, the valiant actions of Specialist Ross McGinnis stand out. Without hesitation, he threw himself on a grenade to save four of his friends and fellow soldiers. It's impossible to show our full gratitude to him and his family, or to fully understand that level of sacrifice. I am glad this post office will serve as a reminder to Specialist McGinnis's community in Knox of his valor and bravery. I will continue to look for opportunities to honor his sacrifice - a sacrifice Abraham Lincoln rightly called the ‘last full measure of devotion.'"