Thompson Supports 'America Speaking Out'

May 25, 2010

Washington, D.C.—U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, today announced his support for an effort to reach out to the American people to engage them in a new agenda for the nation called “America Speaking Out”.

“The agenda in Washington has convinced many that the Congress just is not listening,” said Thompson.  “House Republicans plan to offer a new policy agenda, but we want to include the American people in building that agenda.  Wouldn’t that be surprising to find the Congress actually taking the time to listen to the people?”

Thompson said the Republicans repeatedly have offered ideas when they disagreed with the Democratic majority.  “We are committed to smaller more accountable government while watching the unfortunate reality of more and more spending against the will of the people.” is a new website where anyone, of any or no political party, is welcome to tell Republicans their suggestions, solutions, directions, policies and principles.   On the website people can debate the ideas posted by others and share the debate with friends and neighbors.  Here is the website:

“I believe this dialogue of ideas will allow full and open discussion and ultimately allow us to implement the priorities of the people,” said Thompson.  “This effort will utilize new communication tools for people to express their hopes and dreams for this nation.”