Reps. Thompson, Dent assert the NCAA acted outside its own normal procedures in Penn State scholarship reductions

Feb 20, 2013 Issues: Education

Bellefonte, Pa. – U.S. Representatives Glenn 'GT' Thompson (PA-5) and Charlie Dent (PA-15) received a response from National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) President Mark Emmert regarding their recent request that the NCAA reinstate the forty football scholarships rescinded from Penn State University.

Thompson and Dent have written back to Emmert observing that the NCAA acted outside its normal procedures to reduce the number of scholarships that Penn State can offer. The Representatives also challenged President Emmert’s assertion that no innocent student athletes are being hurt by the scholarship reduction. 

Their letter reminds Emmert that the 40 scholarships being denied to Penn State are not being added back into a national scholarship pool, and instead represent a missed opportunity for a quality education for deserving scholar athletes.

“The NCCA has failed to adequately justify this decision, which is inexcusable and unfortunate,” said Rep. Thompson. 

“President Emmert continues to disappoint with his unacceptable responses to our good faith requests,” stated Rep. Dent.  

Click here to view the NCAA's response, dated February 7, 2013.

Click here to view the Representatives response, dated February 19, 2013.