Hundreds of Fifth District Students Attend Thompson's Government Outreach 2012

Sep 28, 2012 Issues: Education

Bellefonte, Pa. – Hundreds of students from high schools across the 5th Congressional District this week attended Government Outreach 2012, an educational seminar hosted by U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, R-Howard, at the campuses of the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, in Bradford, Pa., and Lock Haven University, in Lock Haven, Pa.

“Long before beginning my career as a health care professional and being elected to Congress, I came to realize the importance of education, which serves as a pathway to opportunity,” said Rep. Thompson. “Government Outreach 2012 presents students with a look beyond the classroom into what the future can hold. It’s a forum where young individuals can begin recognizing and defining their roles in the community, which can help them identify goals and pursue their dreams.”

Rep. Thompson addressed the student groups regarding his professional career and responsibilities as a Member of Congress, and faculty and staff from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and Lock Haven University presented education informational sessions.

Other presentations included Dr. Lawrence A. Schardt, a professional motivational speaker, and Mr. Robb Armstrong, a syndicated comic strip creator and children's author. Both speakers were sponsored by local employers and no taxpayer funds were used to facilitate the event.  

“Teenagers are busy being teenagers, but it’s a time that also requires thought and planning for the years ahead,” Rep. Thompson added.  “This interactive seminar provides high school students with an opportunity to give thought to their futures, but also emphasizes the importance of making smart decisions that will benefit their educations and ultimately careers.”

Government Outreach 2012, two separate full-day events with identical programming, ran from Monday, September 24th (Lock Haven University) to Tuesday, September 25th (University of Pittsburg at Bradford).  A combined total of 395 students from over 20 area high schools visited one of the two campuses to attend the seminar.  

Pictures from Government Outreach 2012: Click Here.