Howard Minister Gives Opening Prayer for U.S. Congress

Apr 15, 2010

Washington, D.C.—The Reverend Doctor Clyde Mighells, pastor of the Lighthouse Reformed Church in Howard, today gave the opening prayer as the Guest Chaplain before the U.S. House of Representatives.  He was invited to take part in this honor by U.S. Representative Glenn `GT’ Thompson, R-Howard.

Mighells asked the blessing of the Lord on the Members of Congress as “they conduct the work of this great nation.”
“Grant them courage to stand for what is right, resistance when pressed to do wrong, compassion for the concerns of your heart, and the ability to preserve and protect the Constitution of these United States of America,” Mighells prayed.

The practice of inviting Guest Chaplains to open the proceedings of the House dates back to the beginnings of the Congress.  The first  elected Chaplain of the House was the Rev. William Linn.  His election on May 1, 1789, continued the tradition established by the Continental Congresses of each day’s proceedings opening with a prayer by a Chaplain.  The early Chaplains alternated duties with their Senate counterparts on a weekly basis and the two conducted Sunday services for the Washington community in the House Chamber every other week.

There have been 51 different Chaplains of the House of Representatives.  The current Chaplain is the Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin, who is Roman Catholic.

Mighells was born the son of a tent evangelist, and followed his father into the ministry when he was ordained by the Presbyterian Church, USA in 1985.  He then took his Master’s from Debuque Theological Seminary and his doctorate at Newport University in 1996.

Mighells is a magician who uses his skill to pique the interest of his listeners. 

After his 20 years as a minister serving churches across New York and Pennsylvania, in 2006, Mighells and his wife Sharon, developed a performance ministry taking messages of “Escaping Drugs” and the timely topic of “Anti-Bullying,” into elementary, middle and high schools.”

In 2009, they were featured at the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians.  That same year, Mighells answered the call to be pastor of the Lighthouse Reformed Church in Howard.