February 8, 2017 Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

The House of Representatives is off to a busy start in Washington, D.C. in 2017. We officially began the 115th Congress and witnessed the Inauguration of our 45th President Donald J. Trump. I am grateful to again be the voice of Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District in our nation's capital.

November 26, 2014 Newsletter
In 1621, the early settlers of Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag Tribe broke bread together to celebrate the blessings received from the previous year...
October 8, 2014 Newsletter
In recent months there have been some consequential developments in Washington. I’m proud to say I’ve led the effort to advance legislation to protect the mental health and wellness of those who serve in uniform and...
May 5, 2014 Newsletter
“A bipartisan group of lawmakers has introduced a bill calling for mental health screening for recruits before they can join the military..."
February 18, 2014 Newsletter
In January, President Obama delivered the State of the Union Address to the country. He put forward a renewed call for economic growth, job creation, and greater opportunity for all Americans, which I welcomed...
December 2, 2013 Newsletter
Today, millions of Americans are losing their coverage as a result of the mandates now being imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), despite promises made by the President...
October 25, 2013 Newsletter
This week, President Obama called on Congress to pass the Senate's flawed immigration reform proposal, a bill that fundamentally misses the point...