Thompson Addresses Rally in Washington

March 2, 2017
Press Release

Nearly 1,000 people gather on Capitol Hill in an effort to unite, not divide Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson (PA-05), a member of the House Problem Solvers Caucus, this morning gathered with nearly 1,000 people from across the country to demand that Congress “Fix Not Fight” and work together to build a better, safer, and stronger nation.

Thompson, who has been working with the Problem Solvers Caucus since its inception, spoke at the rally where the individuals called upon Congress to come together to create real solutions to the issues that matter most: jobs, the economy, our national security. Participants attended from all 50 states, in order to send a clear message to Congress: they expect good governance and good leadership.

“Proudly, I gathered with nearly a 1,000 people to share a message of bipartisanship. I spoke to the fact that I do not introduce legislation without a Democrat to cosponsor the bill. This is because it is so important to build consensus,” Thompson said. “The American people are tired of the politics and it was helpful to send a message to those across the country that there are people such as myself who want to get the job done. Our constituents send us here to represent our districts, not a party or a president. While we may disagree on policy points, there is more room to work to address the challenges facing our country.”

“Right now, the easiest thing for a member of Congress to do is to fan the flames of division,” No Labels Chief Strategist Ryan Clancy said. “The Problem Solvers Caucus shows that there are a growing number of leaders in Congress who reject the angriest and most intransigent voices and who stand ready do everything they can to forge bipartisan agreements to address our nation’s toughest issues.”

The Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus features dozens of members from both parties and the group aims to play a key role in bridging the partisan divide in Washington.